Peter Nicholson

Master Mariner

Director: TMC (Marine Consultants) Ltd, London

  • Master’s certificate (Class 1)
  • HND in Nautical Science
  • DP Operators certificate (Full – Unrestricted)
  • Lloyds Register. Risk Management and Incident Investigation Training

Peter spent 28 years at sea, predominantly with three major companies. He divided his sea-going career between the deep sea and offshore oil and gas sectors, operating from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and most areas between.

He served as Master for more than 10 years, commanding Cellular Container vessels, Reefers, Reefer/Container vessels (including Controlled Atmosphere carriage), Dynamic Positioned (DP) vessels (specializing in saturation and air diving, ROV (sub-sea, Remote Operated Vehicle operations), drilling, pipe-lay, survey, sub sea construction and FPSO installation and support) and Anchor Handlers/Supply vessels (AHTS) carrying out numerous oil and gas rig-moves.

Peter also served on Tankers, General Cargo vessels, Aviation (helicopter) Training vessel and a Salvage (treasure hunting) vessel.

Peter spent 2 years as a Trinity House licensed Deep Sea Pilot, and was licensed to pilot in all 4 European areas. He frequently piloted the very largest and most hazardous vessels through the busiest and most challenging shipping lanes in the world.

Peter joined TMC (Marine Consultants) Ltd in 2008 as a Surveyor and was appointed a Director in 2011.