Dr. Alan Ractliffe - Naval Architect

Dr. Alan Ractliffe - Naval Architect

Director: TMC (Marine Consultants) Ltd, London

  • Chartered Engineer
  • MA (Mechanical Sciences, Cambridge)
  • PhD (Engineering Dept, Cambridge)
  • Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
  • Member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Alan is a Director of TMC (Marine Consultants) Ltd. He acts as an expert witness on technical aspects of marine litigation and technical adviser to the TMC emergency response service for grounding & flooding. Alan is also a founding Director of Shipboard Informatics Ltd, (marine software house), and responsible for the SEAMASTER range of approved software, including programs for stability/strength (with flooding and grounding), damaged strength, wave loading, container lashing security, mooring, etc.

Alan was a Senior Lecturer in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, Department of Marine Technology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His early specialisation in structural behaviour broadened into a wider range of interests in tank testing and computer modelling of dynamic problems in the marine environment, including cable dynamics, pipe-laying, towing, motions and forces on floating bodies. The common thread in these varied fields has been the application of basic principles and exploitation of research, leading to state-of-the-art software, on all types of computers from main-frames to minis and micros. Alan is an expert witness with experience of instructing Counsel and giving evidence at all levels including High Court, London.

Alan is the author or co-author of more than 25 papers and articles in national and international publications and patents, covering buckling of steel structures, residual stresses due to welding, launching, container stowage, moorings, cable dynamics, towing, wave drift, flexible risers, crane barges and pipe-laying.

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