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December 2014

TMC has been invited back to Korea to assist the government review the on-going situation with respect to the sunken ro-ro passenger vessel SEWOL. The Korean government announced on November 11th that the search for bodies was being suspended.

Finite Element Analysis of Ship Structures

December 2014 



TMC has greatly expanded its ship’s structural analysis capabilities, with the recruitment and training of staff. TMC is now able to carry out large and detailed 3-D Finite Element modelling of ships structures, enabling new ship designs and structural failures to be analysed.

The initial project work, making use of this new capability, has been the forensic investigation of the stresses acting on a large seagoing vessel when at sea.

A part view of the FE model showing only the internal frames and bulkheads within the mid-body region of the ship is presented above. The complexity of the FE modelling can readily be seen.

For further information please contact Tony Bowman or Duncan Graham at TMC London.


November 2014 


Following a contact between two container vessels SAN FELIPE and AL RIFFA in the port of Port Klang, Malaysia on 28th October 2014, a fire broke out on both vessels. SAN FELIPE anchored and fire-fighting efforts eventually put the fire out the following day. TMC was instructed by the SAN FELIPE P&I and H&M Insurers to attend, respond and assist their Members to deal with the complicated situation which arose as a result of the incident.

TMC mobilised a team from their Singapore and London offices who provided survey services for damage to both vessels and to distressed cargo onboard SAN FELIPE.

TMC Distressed Cargo specialists set up management systems for dealing locally with:

  • Identification of Distressed Cargo
  • Handling Distressed Cargo
  • Co-ordination between many parties involved
  • Work Plans
  • Flow Charts
  • Protocols
  • Delivery & disposal

The work to categorise and dispose of burned, heat & smoke affected, & water damaged containers is likely to take several weeks.


November 2014 


Following the grounding of the WANHE in port of Buenaventura, Columbia, on 24th September 2014, TMC were engaged to provide technical and commercial assistance to the Hull Underwriters and Owners of the vessel.

These services included attendance in Columbia as Hull Underwriters representative in order to access and approve salvage plans, costs and monitor progress; as well as providing advice to Owners and the vessels crew during the lightering operation.

Following the arrival of the HHL HONG KONG, a total of 235 containers were discharged from the WANHE with a gross weight of 3,135 tonnes all of which were overseen by TMC. This cargo discharge and the high spring tide permitted the WANHE to be refloated on the 9th October 2014.

Following the refloat, TMC remained on site in order to assist Owners with the post grounding dive and internal vessel inspections and to support the crew during the official enquiry required by the Port Captain in Buenaventura.

The WANHE reloaded all containers that were no destined for Buenaventura; and departed Columbia on the 16th October 2014.


November 2014



Following a collision, the container ships BANI BHUM and XIN CHI WAN remained stuck together in the fairway between Tsing Yi and Mar Wan Islands in Hong Kong waters. TMC were instructed by hull & machinery underwriters to attend and advise upon the safety of the proposed operation to separate the vessels. After attending onboard BANI BHUM and completing an inspection of the damage, TMC carried out stability and strength calculations to ascertain the risk to the vessel and facilitated the agreement of the port authority for the operation to proceed. With the assistance of harbour tugs the vessels were successfully separated and subsequently taken for repair.

Duncan Graham Joins TMC

November 2014 


Duncan joined TMC in November 2014 to assist TMC in its development of its Offshore division.

He is originally from a shipbuilding background having spent 8 years in Scott Lithgow Shipbuilders on the Lower Clyde, progressing from trainee Naval Architect through to project engineer on the lengthening of the large RORO vessel “Atlantic Conveyor”.

To view his profile page, click here 


October 2014

rena oct 2014    rena oct 2014 1

TMC are continuing to attend the RENA wreck reduction operation in New Zealand on behalf of The Swedish Club and the vessel’s owners with the operation moving in to a new debris removal phase in August of 2014 and ongoing through to the year end.  The photograph shows the two barge mounted crawler cranes, each positioned by jib mounted GPS receivers and fitted with grabs or a magnet.  The debris location and recovery is aided by lights and cameras fitted to the grabs or magnet which allows the crane drivers to precisely position the cranes for each lift.  A significant milestone was passed on October 5th, the third anniversary of the grounding in 2011.

TMC has been working on the salvage and subsequent wreck reduction operations from day one.  A hearing regarding the final fate of the remaining sections of the wreck is expected to heard before the Environment Court in Tauranga, New Zealand in the first quarter of 2015.


September 2014 


In late September Simon Burthem, Managing Director of TMC Singapore, accepted an invitation to speak at the annual congress of IUMI (The International Union of Marine Insurers). In giving a presentation as part of the Loss Prevention which focussed on the damage to containerised cargoes, Mr Burthem provided a platform for IUMI to introduce the ‘Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs)’. As an IUMI Professional Partner TMC welcomed this opportunity to actively participate in the wider IUMI debate and to help ensure that IUMI’s position is fully representative.


September 2014

steve- china


On the 18th of September TMC Managing Director Stephen Tierney attended the China Sea Rescue Conference in Shanghai and presented on TMC`s salvage experience in China and around the world. The conference was very well attended by several hundred delegates from Chinese and International Salvage Companies, Insures and Coastal State Authorities.


September 2014 

Roger King - Master Mariner

In September Roger King from TMC Melbourne spoke at the Singapore Salvage & Wreck Conference. On Day 1 Roger introduced the segment on the “Rising Cost of Wreck Removal” with a summary of the RENA Project, its current status and the way forward.

Roger has spent much of the last two years managing the wreck and debris recovery on the RENA job on behalf of owners/ P&I.

On Day 2 Roger presented on “Distressed Cargo Management” describing the problems associated with Distressed and General Average cargo management offshore and onshore in casualty situations, and the development of the TMC cargo management system.