Cargo Surveys

Misc -

TMC is regularly appointed to carry out surveys on a variety of cargoes whether these are in bulk form or transported as break-bulk or in containers. On these occasions TMC is requested to investigate the nature, cause and extent of damages and losses, resulting from fortuities occurred either prior to loading to ships, during sea passages or at destination ports.

TMC experience and expertise is vast and cover bulk and bagged commodities (minerals, grains, cement, etc.); forest products (timber, plywood, paper, etc.); refrigerated perishable goods (fruit, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, etc.); frozen goods (IQF products, meat, etc.); steel (coils, re-bars, sheets, pipes, etc.) project cargo and containerised goods.”

TMC also carry out loss prevention surveys such as pre-shipment inspection of cargoes (condition, packing methods, packaging suitability, labelling) and supervision of loading and lashing / securing / sea-fastening on board of vessels.

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