13th January 2020

The wreck removal of the high-speed ferry PINAR DEL RIO was successfully completed to the satisfaction of the Maritime Authorities of Alicante on 29 November 2019. The high-speed ferry ran aground at 23.30 hours on 16 August 2019 at the entrance of the port of Denia, Spain. All passengers were safely evacuated shortly after the incident and the cargo was later discharged by the salvage team onsite.

Due to the extensive damage sustained to the starboard hull of the vessel during the grounding and further hull damage due to bad weather encountered, during the early stages of the operation, it was not possible to regain sufficient buoyancy in order to refloat the ferry in one piece.

The vessel was declared a constructive total loss and was subsequently dismantled in situ by Ardent/Ardentia Marine. Throughout the operation there was no disruption to marine traffic and no hazards to navigation. The debris removal was completed with all four engines, generators and batteries recovered safely with no damage to the marine environment.

TMC Surveyor Maria Dragoumerli was present onsite throughout the wreck removal representing the interests of the P&I Club. Colin Barker and Gianluca Rolff were also involved at different stages of the operation.

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