23rd June 2019 – International Women in Engineering Day – Maria Dragoumerli

22nd June 2019

This year we celebrate 100 years since women became eligible to become members of the (then) Institute of Naval Architects (now RINA) and this Sunday 23rd June is International Women in Engineering Day. To mark this occasion, we asked the women in TMC to reflect on their experiences as women working in the maritime sector, why they chose to embark on their career, what they feel they have achieved and what they see for the future of women in the Maritime sector. We spoke to Naval Architects Christina Douka and Maria Dragoumerli and Naomi Luckett, Marine Consultant/ Emergency Management Co-ordinator to share their thoughts.

Since starting in the industry I have been working as a consultant on salvage and wreck removal projects and it has been a very exciting and rewarding career. Working in remote locations to assist maritime casualties has not traditionally been an area that women would get involved in, or even be aware of the unique opportunities within this industry. During my career, I have worked onsite to support marine casualties over periods of time varying from days to months for salvage work, even over a year for one wreck removal project. My experiences have been very diverse, including being stationed in a beautiful island in Italy, stuck on a reef in Indonesia discharging cargo or travelling to Siberia to find an abandoned shipwreck in very basic conditions. Each job has been an adventure and a great learning opportunity due to the unpredictable nature of our business. I am proud to be a female engineer in such a male dominated industry and accept the challenges as well as the benefits that come with it – Maria Dragoumerli


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