Design & Engineering Consultancy

TMC is well known for its in-house developed software which allows us to analyse and verify independently a range of engineering calculations, problems and solutions. TMC naval architects carry out a wide variety of consultancy work on salvage, wreck removal and sea transport related operations, using our in-house and also third party software. Examples of the software used and problems solved are as follows:


The SEAMASTER program is TMC’s in-house developed longitudinal strength, intact stability and cargo loading program. It is used as the basis for over 250 loading instruments installed on board all types of vessels trading worldwide. SEAMASTER programs have been approved for ship’s classed with LR, DNV, BV, ABS, NKK and GL. Additional modules enable us to use the program in damage response and container lashing analysis.


The SEADAM additional module allows rapid assessment of the residual longitudinal strength of a vessel following explosion aboard, grounding, collision or some such other accident which leaves the vessel structurally damaged. The software permits the analysis of longitudinal strength of the vessel after the total or partial failure of girders, frames, plating etc. SEADAM allows for the recalculation of bending moments and sheer forces, allowing for the effect of grounding. There is a facility to use soundings taken around the vessel to calculate the reaction force taking into account the rise and fall of the tide. The effects of wave loading on the vessel may also be seen, dependant on the height, period, direction and phase of the waves.


    COMLASH is a stand-alone lashing analysis module, which can be used in isolation or as an additional module to the main SEAMASTER program. COMLASH calculates the forces generated in any stack of containers to see if the safe working loads of the lashing gear or of the container frames have been exceeded. The calculations can be carried out to all the major Classification Society rules, and various “what-if” scenarios can be undertaken to see the effects of factors such as the weather conditions, the vessel’s GM/draught etc. on the forces generated.

    Mooring Analysis

    OPTIMOOR is a unique, easy-to-use computer program for the analysis of vessel mooring forces. In use world-wide, OPTIMOOR is the industry-standard tool for vessel and port operators concerned about vessel and terminal safety, particularly for high value assets such as VLCCs, LNG carriers and cruise ships. OPTIMOOR is often used as a tool in terminal design to ensure the terminal complies with good mooring design practice (as per OCIMF). In consultancy mode TMC often use OPTIMOOR to analyse mooring break-outs.

    Steel coils

    Based on Coil Loading Rules, the TMC developed Steel Coil Loading Program can be used to check for overloads when loading steel coils. It can also be used to plan coil stowage in order to optimise the available tanktop coil loading capacity for a ship. A list of different coil sizes and weights to load can be created and a running total of coils loaded and numbers left to load is kept, easing the complexity of loading steel coil cargoes.

    Wind Turbine Loading

    TMC designed a bespoke lashing system for use on a fleet of bulk carriers utilising existing fittings and equipment onboard, where possible. The system was designed to DnV Rules and approved by DnV.

    Jumbo Containers

    For a Scandinavian client TMC designed a bespoke lashing & securing system for the carriage of jumbo containers (53ft) on cross-pacific trades, all done to DnV requirements.

    Sea- Fastenings

    TMC has designed sea-fastening systems for use on ocean tows using relevant design & offshore codes.

    Third-Party Software in Use

    • GHS – Salvage Naval Architecture
    • AutoCAD LITE – Computer Drawing
    • Rhinoceros 3D – 3D Modelling
    • Adobe Acrobat 3D
    • DNV 3DBeam/PULS
    • ANSYS – Finite Element Analysis
    • Mathcad – Mathematical Modelling
    • MATLAB
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