Alex Brown - Naval Architect

Alex Brown - Naval Architect
  • B.Sc. (Hons) Plymouth Polytechnic

Alex joined TMC in 1993 in order to produce plans, documents and calculations using various computer software packages. He also carries out the mathematical modelling of ships’ hull forms and compartment definition to produce longitudinal strength and intact stability calculations using the in-house SEAMASTER software in addition to other commercially available software.

He has assisted with inclining experiments and the production of the loading and trim and stability manuals for vessels ranging from small coasters to a panamax copper concentrate silo vessel. Alex is closely involved with the submission of the documentation to the Classification Societies or statutory authorities and the subsequent liaison with these bodies to ensure the required approval.

Alex also works for Shipboard Informatics Ltd. (a sister company of TMC) providing quotes, information on the software, submissions to class etc. for the range of commercial marine software. The software available ranges from basic strength and intact stability programs through container lashing calculations to advanced damage response modules to cope with grounding, flooding, leaking and residual strength after damage.

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