Simon Burthem - Naval Architect

Simon Burthem - Naval Architect

Group Chief Executive

Simon is an experienced naval architect and expert witness with extensive management expertise in the marine consultancy and marine classification sectors.

Coming from a background in shipbuilding and classification, Simon has a proven track record in driving new business in the UK, Black Sea and Asia Pacific Regions. Since joining TMC in 2010, Simon has held increasingly senior roles both in the UK and overseas. In his current position as Group CEO, Simon has final responsibility for TMC’s global operations. He is especially noted for his capability in forming trusted partnerships with stakeholders and peers, and in building and enabling teams to deliver required outcomes.

Simon’s background has given him a well-founded and diverse knowledge of ship design, construction practices and regulatory regimes. As a fee earning consultant, Simon brings this experience to bear on a diverse range of litigation, claims, forensic investigation and opinion work. He attends salvages and other marine operations globally and has acted as key technical advisor during one of the longest and most technically challenging wreck removal operations currently on record. As an expert witness, Simon provides litigation support and given expert evidence to tribunals and courts convened globally with TMC’s client seeking his advice for the most complex and contentious matters.

Simon is based in the UK and regularly travels to TMC’s overseas offices and global client base.

Contact Details

+ 44 (0) 207 237 2617

UK +44 (0)746 465 5333 and Singapore + 65 9625 5439

[email protected]


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