Marine Warranty and Offshore Services

TMC regularly provides expert advice and support to clients on a wide range of offshore industry issues. Our services are sought after by a variety of client types around the world which includes, but is not limited to: oil & gas operators, underwriters, renewable energy firms, vessel managers or owners, P&I Clubs, and financiers, construction facilities and shipyards.

Whether attendance is required on-site for project consultancy, specialist audits, technical investigations, or general surveys and support, TMC have the expertise to help.

Offshore Services

The TMC Offshore Team has experience in all disciplines necessary to support the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industries. Our global office network is able to reach world-wide operations. We are ready to mobilize at short notice.

The TMC Offshore Team has experience in the following:

  • Offshore Marine Warranty Services
  • Offshore structural installations
  • Decommissioning and salvage of offshore installations
  • Renewable energy / wind farm installations
  • Load out and Load-in assurance
  • Provision of Client Representatives to the offshore industry
  • FSO/FPSO operations and installations
  • FSO/FPSO conversion feasibility studies
  • Anchor Handling assurance
  • Deep sea and inshore towage assurance
  • Semi-sub, jack-up and offshore barge operations
  • Offshore mechanical engineering survey, investigation, supervision and support
  • Dynamic Positioning approval assurance, trials, procedure review and incident investigation
  • CMID and OVID Surveys

Marine Warranty Services

TMC provides marine warranty and engineering services to the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

Insurers of offshore construction projects often stipulate that warranties are inserted in insurance contracts. The warranties oblige an assured to have a surveyor verify the proceedings in connection with a proposed marine operation. Such insurance warranties are formal undertakings provided by an assured, the breach of which may entitle the insurer to avoid liability under the policy from the time of the breach.

The surveyor’s role in these circumstances is to witness that all the necessary precautions are taken to avoid a loss or otherwise maintain the level of risk as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Marine Warranty Services include:

Suitability Surveys

A suitability survey provides underwriters and an assured with an independent assessment that a vessel or barge, its personnel, management, ship-board administration, configuration, machinery and equipment, fixed and loose gear are found suitable and that the vessel is in principle, fit for the proposed operation.

The survey seeks to provide assurance that a vessel or barge is capable of safe operation. This means that direct as well as indirect risks inherent in the proposed maritime operation may be considered and maintained as low as reasonably practicable for the duration of the operation.

Through the findings of the survey, the assured is made aware of any apparent deficiencies in the vessel that may affect the operation, or of any recommendations that may otherwise help improve the operational efficiency of the vessel and its ability to perform its work.

Design and Procedure Reviews

The MWS will usually be required to review and approve any engineering design specifications and procedures. Documentary reviews are required to be completed within an agreed timeframe. The documents, procedures and drawings to be reviewed will often include approval of the load-out, transportation and installation of platform structures, pipelines, cables or subsea installations.

Attendances Offshore

Attendance will routinely be required at: ports, yards and fabrication facilities for the load-out or transfer of structures to barges or HLV; offshore for the installation of platform jackets, topsides & structures on field; mooring or hook-up operations; the installation of pipelines, cables and umbilicals; the installation or removal of subsea structures.

On and Off-hire Surveys

An on or off-hire survey is undertaken to provide prima facie evidence of the condition of the vessel at given time. When any vessels are mobilised, the MWS may be required to survey vessels to ensure that any non-conformances arising from the earlier suitability survey have been implemented. When any vessels are mobilised or demobilised the MWS may be required to ascertain the condition of a vessel at the time of on or off-hire and report the quantity of any chargeable items or consumables remaining on board at a given time.<

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