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SEAMASTER Software Suite

The SEAMASTER program is a longitudinal strength, intact stability and cargo loading program. It is used as the basis for over 250 loading instruments installed on board all types of vessels trading worldwide. SEAMASTER programs have been approved for ships classed with LR, DNV, BV, ABS, NKK and GL and is usually used as a basis on which additional programs can be seamlessly added. Additional modules enable us to use the program in damage response and container lashing analysis. The software is written by experienced Naval Architects and benefits from TMC’s on-site surveying and consultancy expertise.

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OPTIMOOR is a unique, easy-to-use computer program for the analysis of vessel moorings. In use world-wide, OPTIMOOR is proven as an essential tool for vessel and port operations personnel, especially when they have to undertake assessments to meet the requirements of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) and satisfy the OPA-90 legislation.

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TMC has over 15 years of experience running manoeuvring models to assist clients in understanding how a collision or grounding occurred. We have investigated the effect of shallow water on the hull speed and the turning ability of vessels, interaction effects such as squat and bank suction, the influence of wind and waves, bow thrusters and tug assistance among other things. The volume of navigation data available from Collision and Grounding cases has increased significantly over the last 15 years, and TMC has evolved our analysis techniques and software accordingly.

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Based on Coil Loading Rules, the Steel Coil Loading Program can be used to check for overloads when loading steel coils. It can also be used to plan coil stowage in order to optimise the available tanktop coil loading capacity for a ship. A list of different coil sizes and weights to load can be created and a running total of coils loaded and numbers left to load is kept.

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  • GHS – Salvage Naval Architecture
  • AutoCAD LITE – Computer Drawing
  • CorelDRAW – Graphic Suite Computer Drawing
  • Rhinoceros 3D – 3D Modelling
  • Adobe Acrobat 3D
  • DNV 3DBeam/PULS
  • ANSYS – Finite Element Analysis
  • Mathcad – Mathematical Modelling

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