John Silberberg - Master Mariner

John Silberberg - Master Mariner

Asia-Pacific Director of Operations

John is a Consultant Master Mariner and the Asia-Pacific Director of Operations for TMC Marine, Matthews Daniel (marine operations), and BVS UK. He specialises in major casualty response and investigation, and the provision of expert opinions for legal cases. His experience includes cases involving collisions, allisions, fire, groundings, cargo loss, crewing issues, personal injury claims, risk assessment and management, mooring failure/breakaways, salvage and wreck removals, ROV inspections, and pollution/depollution. He is a subject matter expert in watchkeeping practices, including the application of the collision regulations.

John holds a Graduate Certificate of Transport Safety Investigation with Distinction (RMIT) and a current Certificate of Competency as a Master Mariner (AMSA). He has 15+ years of command experience in his 25+ years at sea, which saw him hold pilotage exemption certificates for seven ports in Australia and New Zealand. Recognising the importance of continuous professional development, John is studying an MBA and Juris Doctor at Deakin University.

John started his seagoing career on LNG Carriers before moving to the offshore oil and gas industry where he worked for 18 years. His offshore experience includes towage, anchor-handling, platform supply vessel operations, dynamic positioning, seismic survey, cargo operations, offshore mooring installation and maintenance, accommodation barge management and materials barge operations.

John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job he performs.

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